That is a looong title.

I feel ya’

But this is a looong topic.

And on that note this will be a series of blogs regarding this one very special topic that will touch many.

I am sure if you have found yourself on this page it is for a reason.

Laws of universe say you are here for a reason and nothing is random.

I’d like to get something off my chest really quickly so we are on the same timeline…

I am not a huge fan of the word Twin Flame. I have come across this word in the past year only and do find to resonate with it to an extent, but please do not get things twisted!

These words… “Twin Flame” will start to have different meanings for different people and in the future I believe will not mean much at all.

If you are new to the new age movement then you may never have heard of Twin Flames or Divine Relationships.

We have all heard of the term soul mate.

The term soul mate was used to describe the ultimate match in the entire world for you. Finding your soul mate was an unbelievable coincidence and to actually be together is a beautiful thing and be ever so grateful.

We must be grateful for all we have now.


Be grateful for where you are now for without gratitude in the present, future presents will be blocked.

We have many soul mates.

We are never alone and are ever so fortunate to experience this lifetime with these beautiful souls again.


Our soul mates come in many forms and they are usually not at all sexual relationships. Your parents, siblings, family members, friends, lovers, boy/girlfriends and even your pets may all be your soul mates!

It is amazing how many of my soul mates I have had the pleasure of experiencing in this lifetime and I am ever so grateful to all of you out there.

We are all in this together, here to help each other grow and expand as a soul group and as our own individual soul journeys.

An interesting observation that I have noticed regarding my own soul group is that we have distinct beauty marks, moles or other markings that are very similar and too coincidental to not mean more than a mere freckles and beauty marks.

These markings also have a connection to our past lives together. If you were to start doing some shadow work, here, maybe you can uncover many issue that you may have with your family and friends in present day that just don’t click may not yet because it is from another time.

Do you have similar birth or beauty marks with your family or friends?


Do you believe in fairytales?

I know this sounds silly and very Disney but how many of you out there believe in the ultimate love story?

I do!

We believe in the ultimate love story most likely because it is a reflection of our own great love story.

This may all seem a bit Cinderella and Snow White for you, but many of us have found our Prince Charming.

I do believe that everyone has a Divine Counterpart here on Earth.

This is where labels become pointless to me because love is greater than the labels we put on it here in this lifetime.

Love is the most powerful feeling in the universe. It’s energy is endless!

How many frogs do you have to kiss before hitting your prince?

Well that is all up to you! You may not have to kiss any! ;o)

Twin Flames are here incarnated on Earth to help the transition from 3D to 5D. I find these terms to be irrelevant now but we are here to help with the transition from the old way of thinking into the new. There is a new blueprint, we carry it and this also includes a blueprint for Love.

Let’s take a step back…

Why is divorce at such a high rate in the world?  Relationships fall apart over social media and families torn apart because of infidelities…

What is going on?

Many people have just accepted all of this irrational unloving behavior as the norm because it is easier to move on then to face our demons, flaws and work on it until it is kinked out.

Do not get me wrong, if you are unhappy do not stay with your partner or spouse just because I said work on it.

Time and place for everything.

Only you can decide what is best for you and the highest good for your family and union.

What is a twin flame you are asking again?

Twin flames are part of the same soul from God or Source. They have been incarnated as two to experience life in duality. One representing the Divine Masculine and the other the Divine Feminine.

There are different types of twin flames and there is still much information I will be unfolding in the near future but I can only speak of my own experiences and the experiences of others I work with.

We are all born on different Soul Rays. This will create a variety already between souls and their characteristics. Although any human that has unlocked all of their DNA can tap into all the different color rays and their associated energies. This is another topic I will go into depth another time.

Essentially twins are incarnated in the same ray. This will be evident throughout your life you have been drawn to a certain color and sometimes you have no idea why. Maybe there was a significant object in your life that was of a color that might not even be your favorite, who knows, only you can determine that.

Not all twin flames will be enlightened and not all will be aware that they are twins. I have met many and I am very fortunate to have this experience here with them now. It is not a coincidence I have met many twins because I am also a twin myself.

I am very fortunate to have met my twin in this lifetime. True love is divine. It is not flashy and powdered with sugar.

You will find a massive amount of information regarding twin flames now and only you can determine who and what is right for you.

I do believe there is a lot of other agendas when it comes to twin flames and there is more research to be done there before I can clarify it for all of you.

This still does not take away from my belief in a special group of people sent here to spread the love to all.

Call us twins flames, starseeds or Almond Joy.

One Love.

To be continued…