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The Monthly Mystic – May 2022

WELCOME TO THE FIRST EDITION OF The Monthly Mystic YOUR ACCURATE AF MONTHLY TAROTSCOPE “Bringing you the tea, the juice & the cake!” ::DISCLAIMERS:: These are general readings to help you find clarity within your situation(s). They will not resonate with everyone....

You are manifesting something big!

Fuck You Coronavirus & How to keep your Body Healthy All the Time…

So I am a bit unconventional and those of you who know me, know already. On any note, I do a few things to keep myself healthy and aligned, most of the year (we all mess up from time to time) so here it goes! 1. Wash your ass....

6 Ways To Deal With Difficult People | Bullies & Toxic Individuals

How to Deal with Difficult People | Bullies & Toxic Individuals There are various types of difficult people, some may be toxic to you…. These may or may not include bullies, control freaks, constantly negative rainy cloud people and excessively power tripping...

My Top 5 Turnoffs!

Welcome back another Sexy Soul Saturday! =) Today's I will be talking about MY TOP 5 TURNOFFS! OF ALL TIME! Ready to find out?!! Check out the video below!     Thanks for watching! See you...

The greatest love story ever told. Divine Relationships, Twin Flames and Soul Mates…

That is a looong title. I feel ya' But this is a looong topic. And on that note this will be a series of blogs regarding this one very special topic that will touch many. I am sure if you have found yourself on this page it is for a reason. Laws of universe say you...

Get out of that loop!

OK! So times seem to be picking up and our lives are getting more intense and filled with amazing energy can you feel it? Yes! I certainly can and I bet that it is not just me. Many are going through waves of transformation and it is manifesting in difficult,...